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Kolory Wiatru Cafe & Pizza

Kolory Wiatru Cafe & Pizza is a place full of aromas.

Colors of the Wind Cafe & Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy the moment and the charm of the Szczawnica spa. Here you will try unique desserts and cocktails as well as delicious Neapolitan pizza prepared according to a traditional Italian recipe by a certified pizzaiolo. The history of NEAPOLITAN PIZZA dates back to the early eighteenth century. It is recognized as the first original pizza. At that time, it was food for the poor, prepared on the streets by the so-called pizzaioli. The unique taste of the dish meant that its popularity quickly crossed the boundaries of the poor districts of Naples. Neapolitan pizza was officially recognized in 2010 as a traditional product with a certificate of Guaranteed Traditional Specialty. It can be made only according to a strictly defined recipe and using specific products. Only San Marzano tomatoes, which grow in the volcanic fields south of Mount Vesuvius, and Fior di Latte cheese from the milk of cows grazing in Campania and Lazio are used. The dough is kneaded from flour 00 and it ripens 24 hours. The thickness of the pizza dough must not exceed 3 mm. It is baked for 60-90 seconds at a temperature above 430 degrees. Neapolitan pizza is not cut into triangles. In Naples, pizza is eaten with cutlery – it should be eaten from the inside to the rantom. These are used to collect the remains of olive oil and tomato sauce on a plate. Pizza toppings are extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Get to know the menu, order pizza directly with personal collection: +48 883044899


in the heart of the resort

ul. Główna 25,
34-460 Szczawnica, Polska

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