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The idea of caring for the local environment has accompanied us from the very beginning when the first plans for the Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa Hotel **** were made. The building's design fits in its surroundings, refers to local buildings and doesn't dominate the landscape. During the construction, we consciously selected technological solutions limiting the adverse impact on our surroundings. We introduce eco-friendly solutions in everyday work and encourage our guests to take joint action for environmental protection.

We believe that what we do is the right thing to do.




We encourage our Guests every day to get involved by making small decisions about their stay that can significantly affect environmental protection at the entire hotel.

Hotel rooms are cleaned daily during their stay; if our Guests don't think it's necessary, they can opt out of this service on a given day. This way, we can reduce the consumption of chemicals, water and energy, which positively affects the environment. In line with the win-win principle, its beneficial for both the environment and our Guests. We transfer the saved funds in the form of vouchers that can be used for culinary pleasures in our hotel.

We try to make our breakfasts remarkably diverse and extremely tasty because they are the beginning of a good day. Every day during buffet breakfasts, we spread awareness and ask our Guests to participate in actions to reduce food waste. Our Guests can find such a request on their tables in the restaurant: take as much as you can eat, you can always go back for more, and thanks to this we can reduce food waste together.

Change of bed linen and towels on request.

We have reduced the use of plastic bottles, cups and straws. We buy mini-bar water and other drinks in glass bottles, which we collect and return to the manufacturer. Our staff has been equipped with reusable aluminium water bottles to be filled with drinking water. We have replaced plastic straws and cups for takeaway hot drinks with paper ones.

Our Guests can use two electric car chargers for free in our hotel car park. We encourage you to travel ecologically!



We choose state-of-the-art ecological, technological solutions, which also translates into the economy of the hotel's operations later.

We mainly place importance on renewable energy. Photovoltaic cells located on the hotel's roof generate part of the electric power for our consumption. Next to them, there are also solar collectors with a total power of 78 kW, which we use to heat utility and pool water.

The facility is heated by modern condensing gas furnaces supported by convectors and vertical fan coil units located in both common areas and residential units. The facility is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system with cross flow heat exchangers of high heat recovery efficiency.

In the entire facility, we use mainly (in 98%) LED lighting, which is the most energy-efficient solution currently available on the market.

The hotel separates waste, and we make sure that everything recyclable is recycled.


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